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How to create a coupon from scratch?
  1. Click the Add (+) icon on the Template section or Your Coupon section.
  2. Select Dimension
  3. Design an awesome coupon in a blank canvas of the dimension that you chose.
How to create a coupon using a template?
  1. Scroll down to see the One-Click Coupon, Objective-based Coupon, and Customize Coupon Templates. 
  2. Choose a template and click the edit coupon button
  3. Customize and design your coupon.
How can I create GIFs?
  • To create a Coupon GIF, you can use any free template or create from scratch. Then, click the Pages tool under the Coupon Editor and you can add up to 10 pages.
Can I change my template when I am in the Coupon Editor?
  • Yes, you can still change your template from the Coupon Editor by clicking the Templates tool and then choosing a template in the Recently Used or Recommended Templates.

Why does my downloaded coupon have a watermark?
  • Unpublished or unpaid coupons will have watermarks on it. You can only remove the watermark when you publish your coupon.
How to publish my coupon?
  1. Click the Upload button on the upper right corner of the canvas 
  2. Review the Coupon Description and then hit the Next button 
  3. Submit your Coupon and pay it with your card.
How can I monitor my active coupon/s?
  • You can monitor your active coupon/s on the Dashboard section. You can see the metrics of the active coupons on the Overview tab.
Can I turn off my active coupon/s?
  • Yes, you can turn off your active coupon/s. Go to the Campaign Manager in the Dashboard section and turn off the toggle button of a specific coupon.
Can I edit my active coupon?
  • Yes, you can re-edit the active coupon. However, you must turn it off first and then you can proceed in edit mode. 
  • The edited version will still undergo a review process, but you won’t pay again.
What happens if my coupon gets rejected?
  • If the submitted and paid coupon gets rejected, it will reflect in the Your Coupons section. There will be a rejection note to check what should be modified or changed. You can resubmit it again without paying again.
Can I change the coupon details in the rejected coupon? Do I need to pay again?
  • Yes, you can change or modify the coupon once it gets rejected without paying again.
How can I add, change or remove a payment method?
  1. You can add a payment method by clicking the Hamburger menu button (icon). 
  2. From there you can click the Account Settings, then the Banks / Accounts section and lastly click the Add Payment button.
What are the cards that I can use?
  • You can use the following cards: American Express, China UnionPay (CUP), Discover & Diners, Japan Credit Bureau (JCP), Mastercard, and Visa. 

How can I create a business account?
    • Go to the hamburger menu. 
    • Find and click the ‘Add Business.’
    • Sign up for the business details.
How can I redeem the deal/coupon?
  1. Choose the coupon that you want to use/redeem 
  2. Click the Coupon Image to see the QR Code 
  3. Go to the physical store 
  4. Show the QR Code of the coupon to redeem 
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